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Things for children to do before leaving NWPA

At Northlands Wood Primary Academy, we think there are some activities and opportunities all children should have before they leave us for Secondary School. Many of these will create memories that the children will recall long after the actual event. Moreover, it will be these activities that the children will often relate to in the classroom and and this will in turn enhance their learning. Clearly the school cannot provide all these activities so we therefore encourage parents and carers to consider these for days out or free afternoons.   

Tick when done


1.       Make a den.


2.       Fly a kite.


3.       Try some food that you think you may not like.


4.       Go to the theatre.


5.       Have a water fight.


6.       Play a musical instrument.


7.       Ride a bicycle.


8.       Play in the woods.


9.       Bake a cake- and eat it.


10.   Go to the beach.


11.   Climb a tree.


12.   Go swimming.


13.   Have a sleep over.


14.   Read a bed time story to someone.


15.   Join a club.


16.   Stroke an animal.


17.   Plant a seed, help it grow and eat what it grows.


18.   Visit a museum


19.   Go to a farm.


20.   Ride on a bus.


21.   See some live music.


22.   Be at the front of a crowd (in assembly, show, etc)


23.   Post a letter and receive a reply.


24.   Talk to an old person.


25.   Meet a baby.


26.   Go to the cinema.


27.   Teach someone how to do something.


28.   Tell someone a joke and make them laugh.


29.   Make up your own game.


30.   Enter a competition.