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Meet the Inclusion Team

Mrs Samantha Dann – Inclusion Manager

My main role is co-ordinating provision for children who require additional support throughout the school, ensuring that intervention programmes are tailored and delivered by trained members of staff to match the needs of individual children.  I also lead ILP review meetings three times a year, when parents and children are invited to discuss their progress towards their targets that were set and decide upon new targets that they would like to work on. 

I will spend time working with children to gain more understanding about them; what their strengths are, what challenges they face and try to support them socially, emotionally and academically.

If necessary, I can refer children to external agencies (with parental consent), if we feel that we need a better understanding of how to support a particular child’s needs. 

I also work closely with families that may need additional support due to family relationships, bereavement, housing issues, behavioural issues, to name but a few.  I am closely supported by other members of my team including…

Mrs Alison Hastings – Parent Support Advisor/Inclusion support

Mrs Hastings is a fabulous support when it comes to working closely with families and signposting them to specific agencies for guidance.  She helps organise and minute meetings and is a fountain of all knowledge when it comes to the children and our families who attend Northlands Wood.  Mrs Hastings always has a listening ear for any child or parent that wants some additional support and is available to discuss any concerns.

Mrs Hother – Learning Mentor

Mrs Hother is a highly skilled learning mentor who supports children on a 1:1 basis, or may undertake small group work.  She is experienced in supporting children with social and emotional barriers to their learning and has a good knowledge about Autism and Attachment disorder.  She also supports children who may be school avoiding.  Mrs Hother has built wonderful relationships with all the children throughout the school and they all know where to find her if they are experiencing any difficulties with friendship or home issues.

Mrs Arnold – Speech and Language support/Motor Skills support

Mrs Arnold has undertaken a lot of training in order to deliver speech and language programmes (as recommended by our Speech and Language Therapist) either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups.  The impact of her sessions have meant that children are more confident in talking to their peers and have learnt to correct their undeveloped speech sounds.   She follows a rigorous programme and contributes to children’s ILP targets.