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Our 100 Books Project


100 Books Project

It's been a whole year since we launched our '100 Books to Read Before You Leave NWPA' reading initiative! What a fantastic first year it has been with an ever growing buzz for reading around the school. Staff, pupils and parents have all enjoyed joining in with reading and sharing various books from the list.

We have made a few changes to the reward system which is in place. 

Firstly, we have a new and exciting bookmark entitled 'Booklands Cafe Loyalty Card'. Children will receive a stamp for every book they read with an expectation to answer questions and discuss the book they have read with an adult before this is given to them.

There are three slightly different bookmarks to collect - we know how much everyone likes collecting a ‘set’ of something! The children will place their completed bookmark in a special box by the ‘100 books’ tree bookcase. We will then pick out 3 bookmarks termly from each of the EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 boxes and the winners will receive a book related prize.  In light of this new incentive we have reduced the amount of milestone certificates; children will now receive a certificate for every 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 books they have read.

One of the key points to emphasise is that the 100 Books recommended list is to be completed by the time the children leave us in Year 6. Many of the children are perhaps rushing through them. There are books on the list that we feel would not be suitable for some younger children to read until they are in upper KS2, a choice we have deliberately made to broaden the range available.

To help children and parents in their selection process we have produced a copy of the 100 sheet with the age group we feel the book is most suited to regarding the content, shown. All children will vary with their reading ability, so please factor this in when looking at the books they bring home.

Click here for the list of books in our 100 book list or here to view our amazing 100 Book Website!

We are also grateful for any donations of books you may like to make and thank you for your continued support.