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Behaviour and Values

Northlands Wood Primary Academy aims to develop in students a sense of self-discipline and an acceptance of responsibility for their own actions; with an understanding of how their behaviour impacts others. It also aims to create the conditions for an orderly community in which effective learning can take place, in which there is mutual respect between all members and where there is proper concern for the environment. Our aim, and that of parents, is for all students to fulfil their potential.

On occasions their behaviour will prevent this fulfilment. Other times their behaviour will enable learning. Such behaviour we call ‘behaviour for learning’. Children are our ‘core purpose’. Successful organisations are ones that never stray from remembering their core purpose. Unwanted behaviour is often the result of unmotivated students. Excellent teaching and an appropriate curriculum can often overcome this.

At Northlands Wood Primary Academy the principles of our nurturing environment underpin our approach to behaviour management and this guidance. The whole school community will follow these principles. We use a range of ideas and strategies to ensure that teaching and learning in our school will be as effective, rewarding and enjoyable as possible and that emotional well-being, relationship skills and positive behaviour in children is promoted. 

Our 3 key expectations of all children at Northlands Wood are:

• Always show respect to people and property

• Try your best

• Allow others to learn

These 3 expectations are underpinned by our school values of:

gratitude combined with reflection