Northlands Wood Primary Academy

Northlands Wood
Primary Academy


As we move into our second Free Choice Friday, and the start of our 'Easter Break',  I wanted to share a few thoughts and ideas with you. 
Firstly, well done on how you have approached these past two weeks of distant learning and making adjustments to how your operate as a family unit. I have been in the same situation, balancing working in school, working from home, home educating my two boys and supporting my staff remotely - I have always said I like a challenge! :-) I hope you have had some successes alongside some inevitable trickier times - maybe take 10 minutes this weekend to note down those successes and embrace them. Too often we forget the things we have been successful in, rather focusing unhealthily on the elements which didn't quite work how we thought they might.
There won't be any additional tasks or activities posted on Seesaw over these next two weeks. As a staff team, we feel that everyone has enough to be accessing via current Seesaw posts, as well as what is available to prompt and support on the school website.  Teachers and support staff are busy discussing arrangements for how things will look when we 'start back' - albeit still at home - after Easter. Watch this space, and Seesaw, for more information to come on this. However we decide to approach the Summer Term, be assured that it will contain lots of exciting aspects to keen your interest and engagement levels high.
Staff will be enjoying Free Choice Friday again, tomorrow. Last week they kindly shared what they were practising, with Mr Sears. I can't divulge all their secrets, but lets just say some staff will be coming back to school masters at 'keepy ups', whilst others will be even more versed on the piano and other instruments, and some are even getting their green fingers honed ready to take on Wisley 2021! This might well provide the basis for Staff Quiz #2 in the coming weeks!
You may have received information this week about the new Nightingale hospital requesting children's art work to put up in their wards. Unfortunately, we have since found out that this was a hoax and the addresses provided to send art to were in fact fictitious. This is disappointing as it seemed such a lovely idea. If you would like to do some art work, we suggest that you put it up in your windows so that passers by can appreciate your efforts and applaud the hardworking NHS using your creativity as inspiration.
Fingers crossed this slightly warmer and sunnier weather continues as we move through April and that it helps to get you outside within the Government directed options. This afternoon, I went out with Alex and Nathan on our bikes and cycled around Maidenbower. It was a great form of exercise, as well as allowing us to see lots of 'rainbows' in children's windows and the Spring flowers blooming by the sides of streams.
From myself and all the staff at NWPA, have a good Easter break, stay healthy and we will see you soon enough via Seesaw.
Keep in touch.
Kind regards
Mr Sears
2nd April 2020