Things for children to do before leaving NWPA


Tick when done


1.       Make a den.


2.       Fly a kite.


3.       Try some food that you think you may not like.


4.       Go to the theatre.


5.       Have a water fight.


6.       Play a musical instrument.


7.       Ride a bicycle.


8.       Play in the woods.


9.       Bake a cake- and eat it.


10.   Go to the beach.


11.   Climb a tree.


12.   Go swimming.


13.   Have a sleep over.


14.   Read a bed time story to someone.


15.   Join a club.


16.   Stroke an animal.


17.   Plant a seed, help it grow and eat what it grows.


18.   Visit a museum


19.   Go to a farm.


20.   Ride on a bus.


21.   See some live music.


22.   Be at the front of a crowd (in assembly, show, etc)


23.   Post a letter and receive a reply.


24.   Talk to an old person.


25.   Meet a baby.


26.   Go to the cinema.


27.   Teach someone how to do something.


28.   Tell someone a joke and make them laugh.


29.   Make up your own game.


30.   Enter a competition.