Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team  Name  Responsible for 
 Headteacher  Mr G Oulton Curriculum/Assessment/Child Protection
 Deputy  Headteacher/SENCo                      Dr H Mitchell  Special Needs Provision/Child Protection/PHSCE/SMSC/Citizenship
 Early Years Leader  Mrs K Hornby Early Years
 Key Stage 1 Leader  Mrs F Meagher  Literacy/Key Stage 1
 Key Stage 2 Leader  Mr P Johnson  Maths/Educational Visits/Key Stage 2
 Office Staff    
 Business Manager Ms S Crowhurst  
 School Secretary Mrs F Colhoun  First Aid
 School Secretary Mrs J Graham  
 Premises Team    
 Premises Manager Mr A Hayhoe-Smith  
Early Years    
Teacher - Apples H/P (part-time) Mrs K Hornby  
Teacher - Apples H/P (part-time) Mrs R Parsons Geography
Teacher - Apples W Miss L Ward PE
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs K Wylde  
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs K Harrison  Sports Crew
Special Needs Teaching Support Mrs C Coventry  
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Dunne  
Year 1    
Teacher - Willow Miss A Coyer  DT and Art
Teacher - Oak Mr D Freeborn  
Teaching Assistant Miss N May  
Teaching Assistant Mrs N Howarth  
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Brigden  
 Teacher - Beech  Mrs F Meagher  Key Stage 1 Leader/English
 Teacher - Cherry  Miss E Gregory  
 Higher Level Teaching Assistant  Mrs P Middleton  
 Teaching Assistant  Mrs J Pierpoint  
 Teaching Assistant  Ms K Harris  
 Years 3/4    
Teacher - Silver Birch Mrs J Clifford History
Teacher - Hazel Mr P Humphrey  PE
Teacher - Maple (part-time) Mrs K Cheesmur  RE
Teacher - Maple (part-time) Mrs A Mowforth  Music

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

(in training)

Mrs T Rouse  
Teaching Assistant Mrs E Whitnall  
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Lazell  
Teaching Assistant Ms T Weetman  
 Years 5/6    
Teacher - Rowan Mr P Johnson  Key Stage 2 Leader/Maths/Educational Visits
Teacher - Sycamore Mrs H Alderson  Science
Teacher - Chestnut Miss C Wilson  Modern Foreign Languages
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs S Paterson  
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Alete  
Teaching Assistant Mrs J MacConnell  
Teaching Assistant Ms I Sutherland  
 PPA Cover    
PPA Cover Teacher Mrs V Hodges  
Special Needs Team    
Learning Mentor Mrs K Arnold  First Aid
Learning Mentor Mrs L Hother  
SEN Assistant/Parent Support Advisor Mrs A Hastings  
Mid-day Meal Supervisors    
Mid-day Meal Supervisor Mrs M Mathews  
Mid-day Meal Supervisor Mrs E Chandler  
Breakfast Club/After-School Club    
Supervisor Mrs A Panico  
Assistant Mrs K Arnold  First Aid
Assistant Miss M May