The school was established in 1974 to provide for the children in the growing Northlands Wood Estate. In response to growing numbers the building was extended in 1987. We have been in our new accommodation since September 2010.

We cater for children from 4 to 11 years. Our current school community extends beyond the original estate and we have welcomed children from other areas of Haywards Heath and its environs.

Our school accommodation consists of:-

  • fourteen classroom bases, including an Early Years Unit with a covered outdoor play area,
  • Smartboards or clevertouch screens in all classrooms,
  • fully integrated ICT resources,
  • environmental study areas including a pond and gardens,
  • forest school site including fire circle,
  • large playground and landscaped field,
  • fully resourced library,
  • community room
  • access ramps to all areas of the school.

Gates are opened at 8.45am and all children need to be in their class ready for registration at 8.55am.  

From Year 1 all children have a morning break time and the opportunity for playing with their friends, exercise, fresh air and a snack. Early Years children have access to the outside space throughout the morning and therefore do not have a specified ‘break’ time.

Lunchtime also provides an opportunity for play and eating. Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 qualify for a hot school meal under the Government’s Universal Free School Meals scheme but if they prefer may bring in a packed lunch. Hot meals are also available for Key stage 2 children and can be ordered via Chartwells, our hot food provider.

‘Home-time’ for both EYFS and KS1 children is at 3.00pm and 3.15pm for KS2 children.

There is a wide range of opportunities for every child to take part in school clubs that take place before or after school. These are wide-ranging and include sports, arts and craft which will appeal to all children. Clubs are provided by members of staff and external providers. A leaflet is sent home at the beginning of each term explaining what clubs are on offer, when they occur and any costs involved.

Parents are asked to notify the school by telephone or by the use of the STUDYBUGS app on the first day of absence or by letter of any known future absences and an estimate of how long the absence is likely to last.   The school office will investigate unexplained absences. We follow guidelines from the Pupil Entitlement team who regularly monitor school attendance of each child.

In the case of physical sickness and/or diarrhoea, it is important that you inform us and that your child is absent from school for a 48-hour period after the last period of sickness. This enables your child to fully recover as well as protecting other children and staff from the spread of potentially infectious illnesses.

It is hoped that parents will not arrange for holidays during term time as this disrupts the children’s progress. An absence for a holiday is compounded by the child’s excitement before and settling in after the absence. However, permission for leave of absence must be granted in advance by the Headteacher and will only be granted if the absence is unavoidable or in extreme circumstances in accordance with guidelines from the West Sussex Pupil Entitlement Team. A form requesting permission is available from the office.

All parents/carers are encouraged to sign up for ParentMail. This is a safe, paper-less and effective way for the school to send information and letters to parents. Weekly newsletters are also communicated in this way. In addition it also enables us to send parents urgent texts, for example, if a school trip was returning late.

We follow West Sussex Guidelines which advise that we are unable to administer medication during the school day. If a doctor prescribes any medication that needs a midday dose, parents/carers are welcome to come to school to administer the medication for their child. Appropriate consideration is given to children with long term ailments like asthma and arrangements to meet their needs are made. For example inhalers for children with asthma should be handed in and these are kept in the classroom with a record sheet in a named bag. No other medication, including cough sweets, is allowed to be held or administered by the children.

The wearing of school uniform is encouraged as it contributes to the children’s sense of belonging to the school community and its norms and expectations. Full details of the uniform are available from the office and the items can be bought from Sussex Uniforms. This can be done online at or from their shop at 7 Bridge Road Industrial Park, Haywards Heath, RH16 1TX. The following is a detailed list of uniform expectations:

  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore/tailored shorts (not close fitting)
  • White polo shirt/blouse
  • Red/grey/white tights
  • Grey/black/white socks
  • Red cardigan/jumper/sweatshirt
  • Red gingham/striped dress (summer)

 All children should be wearing sensible black shoes.

 For PE:

  • Red shorts
  • T-shirt (in the colour of the child’s House)
  • Trainers/plimsolls
  • Any tracksuit bottoms/tops (in colder weather)